Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bike Ride

Birk and I took a bike ride around the neighborhood last night. I had nixed his offer to go play tennis, and the rec center closes at 4 on Saturdays, but I wanted some kind of physical activity.

My bike feels too tall for me (but I've been told that I'm wrong) and the seat wasn't adjusted exactly right (not Birk's fault, I couldn't tell if it was okay before we left) and my hands got sore from putting too much pressure on the wrong part of the handlebars the whole time. Oh, and I ran over a giant stick that got stuck under my bike and knocked the chain off its track (but luckily Birk fixed it pretty easily).

But it was still fun. The weather was perfect, the sun was about to go down, there were no cars threatening to run me over (my steering isn't so great... it's been a few years since I got on a real bike, I've gotten used to the ones that sit still in the air-conditioned gym).

The sky looks really ominous this afternoon (we're supposed to get storms from both sides this week) so I doubt we'll be lucky enough to get another clear evening, but if we do, we're definitely taking another ride around the neighborhood.

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