Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the beginning...

So, I have a blog for my wedding plans, and a blog for my exercise regimen, and a blog for my crafting. But I don't have just... a blog for me. So this is where I'll post about anything that doesn't directly fit into one of the three other blogs.

And I'll be starting on kind of a downer note: I got a rejection email from a job I really wanted today. (I don't want to post details because it's sort of a gray area, etiquette-wise, and I really want to work for that school eventually, so I don't want to bad-mouth them.) This did prompt me, however, to triple the number of places I'm searching for jobs, which is something I've been meaning to do for a while now.

See, I've had this spreadsheet on Google Docs that lists the institution name, the direct website for their open job postings, the date I last checked it, and which jobs I've recently applied to there (with the position number and date that I applied, date that it closes or projected hire date if they listed them). Up until today, this list included: TCC, ODU, CNU, NSU, Hampton U, city of VB, city of Norfolk, city of Chesapeake, city of Portsmouth, city of Newport News, Virginia state jobs, Virginia Department of Corrections, USA Jobs, the Smithsonian, and Library of Congress.

Today, I added UNC, ECU, NCSU, Duke, Wake Forest, city of Raleigh, city of Greenville, city of Asheville, city of Cary (actually I think they're a town) all in North Carolina; city of Fairfax, Fairfax County, Gaithersburg, Frederick (all in Maryland); and Portland, Eugene, Springfield, Sandy, and Clackamas County (all in Oregon). I plan to add colleges and a few more cities in MD and OR tomorrow. These are all the places I'm willing to live if I get a good job there, because these are all places that I have support systems. Either friends or family of mine live in these places, so I have deemed them suitable for me to live in. (Personally, I'd prefer something in either Hampton Roads or Northern VA, because they are familiar to me and have more concentrated numbers of my support system members, but I'd be happy with any of these places.)

I actually found two positions at NCSU (that's North Carolina State University) and one at Wake Forest to apply to today, so I did so. The two at NCSU wanted to hire by the first week of September... I don't know if that's still valid, but if it is, I would be really happy (except that it might destroy my birthday plans, which would be okay if it resulted in a good full-time job!)

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