Friday, August 24, 2012

Professional Development

This is some exciting news on the job front!

I'm getting 8 extra hours at VB, which means more money, more hours as a professional that can go on my resume, more professional development opportunity, and more mingling with the others at that campus (which I normally don't get to do). I know a lot of this makes no sense to most of you, so I'll break it down.

This is my weekly work schedule (now that we're back in school... between semesters is different).
Monday-Thursday: sign shop 8:30-2, Portsmouth 3-7
Friday: sign shop 8:30-5
Saturday: Virginia Beach 9-5
Sunday: Virginia Beach 1-5

I have a Master's degree in library and information science. This is something you have to have to be a "librarian." (Little-known fact.) If you don't have the Master's and you work in a library, you're probably a library technician or specialist or associate. (What they're called usually depends on the institution.) At Portsmouth, I am a library specialist. At Virginia Beach, I am a librarian. You can probably guess that this means I am paid more at Virginia Beach per hour (and you would be right). This also means, in theory, that I should have more responsibilities at Virginia Beach. Due to the part-time nature of my employment, and the fact that I'm there when everyone else is off (on the weekends), the only extra responsibility I really have there is supervising the weekend staff (who are so great, it doesn't really feel like supervising) and being responsible for the library (if there are complaints or problems, they're my job to deal with).

So the higher-ups at Virginia Beach wanted to give me more hours, during the week, which would give me a chance to see the other librarians more than once per semester at our big staff days, because otherwise, they never see me. I'm the only librarian who works on the weekends there.

This offer would also give me more money, obviously. It would also give me a chance to work on some projects: the kind of things that librarians should be doing. Things like collection development (buying new materials), weeding (getting rid of old materials), whatever needs to be done.

It was a little rocky trying to figure out when I could have these extra hours, because we couldn't take away my Portsmouth hours (if we could, what would be the point of my being employed there?) but Fridays are slower days at both campuses, so nobody really needed me on Fridays.

I just heard from Virginia Beach, and they're going to give me Fridays anyway! (They're really focused on helping me develop professionally... I have a theory about that, and I'll get to it soon.) That means eight extra hours per week at my highest-paying job. Plus, they're giving me some collection development responsibilities, which is particularly exciting, because I've been wanting to do some of that, but all the sections were spoken for, and I didn't want to request one and step on someone's toes. It will look really great on my resume, too.

My theory on VB developing me professionally, as promised: VB is getting a huge new library next spring. I mean, this building is ridicu-large. It will be half-TCC, half-public. Nearly everyone at the TCC library is in agreement that we're going to need some more full-time employees when it opens, but there is no official word on whether they'll hire anymore, much less how many there might be. My theory is that the VB administrators want me to get one of these fabled positions (mostly because I'm already there, so it would just be bumping me up, instead of going through the whole hiring process, and because I already know how things work there and they wouldn't have to train someone new) so they're "grooming" me for what they'll need. Fine with me! (And if I'm wrong, then it's as simple as: they're nice people and want to see the best for me, and all of this professional development will be really useful in my resume and interviews. Which I know to be true, but I like to think they want me for themselves, too.)

For my own sanity and health, I'm going to take a day off from the sign shop (either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday... or maybe I'll mix it up depending on how busy things are on certain days in a particular week). Otherwise I'll burn out really fast and be entirely useless at all my jobs. So my week will look something like:
Monday: sign shop 8:30-2, Portsmouth 3-7
Tuesday: Portsmouth 3-7
Wednesday: sign shop 8:30-2, Portsmouth 3-7
Thursday: sign shop 8:30-2, Portsmouth 3-7
Friday: Virginia Beach 8:30-5
Saturday: Virginia Beach 9-5
Sunday: Virginia Beach 1-5
Still incredibly busy, but at least I'll have a time where I can sleep in a little, get some things done (chores, errands, rest, go to the rec center, whatever) and that's incredibly important. (It frustrates me, every single week, to have time off on Sunday, because nothing is open and I can't get anything done.)

I'm in a considerably better mood today because of all this. I can't wait until next Friday when I can start my full day at VB!

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