Tuesday, August 28, 2012


SO MUCH RAIN. Getting home was like driving straight through a hurricane. (I would know; I've done that. A couple times.)

The storm had barely made it to Portsmouth by the time I left work, so I hardly got wet getting to my car, and then as soon as I buckled my seatbelt, the sky opened up. So I checked traffic radio and it said nothing about the Downtown Tunnel (thank goodness, because I really didn't want to take a less-familiar path home in that mess). Parts of 264 were starting to flood on the Portsmouth side, which I've never seen before. I guess I'm lucky the tunnel wasn't flooding. Norfolk was apparently a complete disaster, but they flood at the slightest provocation, so that wasn't surprising.

And then I got to the Broad Creek Bridge (right before the 64 interchange) and the rain just stopped, like I had flipped a switch. There was still that misty stuff coming up off of everyone's tires, but no rain. There was barely a sprinkle until I got off at Laskin Road, and then it was just kind-of-raining. Like normal rain, not the deluge I passed through in Norfolk. There was lightning, but not much thunder (until later, when the storm showed up at the house, but even that wasn't so bad... not even a power/internet flicker, which is unusual here).

This probably isn't very interesting for (1) people who have no idea what those streets are that I'm talking about, (2) anyone who is reading this past about a week from now, because "omg rain" is hardly a fascinating topic. But it was crazy while it was happening, I promise.

I'll find something more interesting to post about tomorrow.

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