Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I need another Master's

Tonight and tomorrow night I'm working until 9, for various schedule-fixing reasons. The upside to this is that I get to teach an English 112 class tonight: my favorite! (What can I say; I really do genuinely love teaching people how to cite in MLA format. Careful: it could be contagious.)

This reminds me of a new student of mine (I say "mine" like they're enrolled in a class I teach, but librarians get the benefit of having ALL the students... we're lucky like that). I don't want to give specifics or anything, but long story short, she was terrified of citations and now she can do them like a champ. Seriously, she's incredibly good. I'm so proud! It's a good feeling when you teach someone how to do something they think is really complicated, and they turn out to be very good at it.

So, I think I need a Master's in English so I can do this all the time. One of our other librarians does both: librarian and English teacher. I could do that, too! I'm not sure I could stand to teach literature classes, but at a community college, you don't run across many literature classes. The focus is mostly on writing a narrative, writing an argument (and backing it up with academic sources) and citing sources, plus mechanics. I love that stuff!

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