Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On 64 Today...

I found out last night that President Obama would be visiting NSU today, so I made the (wise) decision to take a route to Portsmouth that would not take me past there, to avoid the traffic.

I was getting onto 64-E and I noticed that the on-ramp for 64-W had been blocked off by some police cars. Then I was on 64-E and saw that 64-W was completely empty... weird. And then, there was a huge group of police motorcycles, lights on, then some black limos with American flags (one of which I assume held the President). Cool! There was also a huge entourage of white vans and other emergency vehicles and more police. And then, a few miles further, I saw the backup of traffic, blocked by police and VDOT vehicles. It was several miles of - probably very upset - people, many of whom were out of their cars and chatting with others. I wonder how many of them didn't know why they were stopped!

Anyway, that was my really cool moment of the day: seeing the President's cavalcade pass me going the opposite direction on 64.

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