Thursday, September 13, 2012


Back to work today! And I'm at a point where I can safely use cough drops and not genuinely fear that I will have a sudden, unavoidable coughing fit that would make me semi-ironically choke on it. I am awash in soothing minty bliss.

My first student at the desk told me my job is super easy because - even though she knows I had to get a master's to do it - all I do is sit on the computer and answer questions. Sure, sweetie. Now tell me how many times I have to explain the difference between primary and secondary sources to you before you give up and ask your classmate. (No exaggeration necessary; this is what happened. The answer was four. Then I explained it twice more after her classmate thought she succeeded.) I try not to post library stories from the reference desk, but sometimes it seems like I need to. Lucky for me, I also got two students from the class I taught last Tuesday (I love this teacher's students; I'll talk more about them another time, but they're just awesome) plus one of my favorite non-trads who asks a lot of questions but does it politely and with a genuine desire to understand the material.

I had six Ricola cough drops at the reference desk. As soon as I finished one, I would start coughing uncontrollably, so I would pop in another. I think some more cold meds are in order before bedtime. Now taking bets on how long it will take for my cough to finally go away. (I'm not optimistic: my money is on two weeks.)

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