Sunday, September 9, 2012

Still Siiiiick

So boring, right? I'm still hacking up a lung and driving myself (and everyone around me) nuts while doing so. Although, thumbs-up to Tylenol Cold because the active ingredient in charge of cough suppressing does a bang-up job. I think it's diphenhydramine HCl. (Look at me, reading boxes and all.)

What I learned yesterday: It is really hard to find burlap in a craft store. Seriously, where would you start? The fabric section, sure, but Michael's (at least my Michael's) doesn't have a fabric section. I finally found a burlap garland among the flower arranging slash baskets slash floral arrangement foam and sundry materials.

What I learned today: Always bring a drink to work when you have a terrible cough. That was a brutal four hours.

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