Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flu Shot & Halloween Swap Package

I got my flu shot last night!

Today it feels like somebody poked me hard in the arm with a finger, like I have a tiny bruise. But only when I lean on it. It's just like last year's.

But now I'm pretty unlikely to get the flu, hooray! That's a concern when you work with a library full of people and the computers and books and doors that they touch every day. I've already gotten sick once this semester (and I'm still coughing, I might point out... though it's steadily getting better) so I'd really rather not do that again.

I also got something else last night... My 13 Mini Days of Halloween Swap package! Except my partner went above and beyond "mini"! We chose to start opening on the 1st (so I got to open three things today, to catch up!) instead of the 19th like originally planned, so I've already seen a bunch of the amazing things she sent me. Now if only it would get properly cold outside so I can wear my new scarves...

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