Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leisure Reading (Not Mine)

I've had a couple of students come into the library looking for "something good to read" lately. We librarians call these requests "reader's advisory" because we find out what they have enjoyed reading and what they like, and make suggestions based on that information.

The first one told me she liked The Hunger Games books, so of course I got really excited. I asked if she had read Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and I am very pleased to report that she has, and she liked those books too. I told her a few other books that I like, because they're along the same vein, and told her what section she would find most of the books like that, and she came back with The Book Thief (which I haven't read, but want to, and many of my friends recommend it).

The second one came in asking for The Hobbit, which I only recently read (in preparation for the movie release in December, of course). I told him that the only copy we have here is annotated. When I told him what that meant (it has extra information, like cultural notes or added context or cross-references with other works) he said that sounded even better. Better! He preferred the annotated version of something, which implies having to read more! I'm so proud. (This student is always coming in looking for books that I like or think are interesting once he tells me about them.)

I like this trend, and I hope it continues. Maybe I can get the number of holds we currently have on Fifty Shades of Grey to become the number of holds we have on American Gods or Fahrenheit 451 or maybe 1984.

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