Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Visitor Swap Open!

I know, I know... This isn't my crafting blog. But I didn't want to post about this on the crafting blog until the swap actually begins. But I'm SO EXCITED that I can't just NOT post about this!

Earlier this year, just before summer I think, I discovered that there's a "Little Visitor" swap. They were starting the 14th round and it was really, really popular. The basic rules are that you send a little "friend" (a plush toy, doll, something like that) to your partner, and you get theirs, and you have adventures with them! You take photos and get souvenirs for them to take home, and when you send them back, you include the souvenirs and a scrapbook of the fun they had with you! That is just SO MUCH FUN!

I just barely missed the sign-ups for the last round, and I was pretty devastated. I had filled out my questionnaire and tracked down the perfect little friend to send to my partner... and then I realized that the sign-ups were closed. Sad. I knew that round ended sometime in September, so I've been stalking the new swaps, hoping for round 15 to start soon.

And I'm in luck!!! Sign-ups started yesterday, and I've already sent in my questionnaire. I'll be setting up a blog for my LV when we get started, so my partner can keep an eye on him/her!

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