Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I went to Pizza Hut on the way home last night to pick up dinner. (Don't give me a hard time; I worked 13 hours and it sounded delicious, and it was easy. Plus Birk and I got two meals each out of a $12 purchase. I don't care if it's greasy.)

There was one other customer there when I arrived, and she turned and informed me that she had been waiting for 15 minutes already. Okay... whatever. I ordered my pizza online half an hour ago, and I'm ten minutes early for the pick-up time I specified. I don't really care. Sitting on a bench and playing a few rounds of Scramble With Friends sounds fine to me.

So anyway, the PH girl comes out with a pizza for the woman, and opened the box to show it to her. The lady asked about bacon, and the girl pointed out that there was, in fact, bacon on this pizza. The lady, unsatisfied, does a lot of grumbling and heavy sighing and tsk-ing, but she pays. The lady is talking to the girl while the receipt is printed, and while she signs it and hands it back, but I can't hear what she's saying, because her back is to me. When she moves aside to gather her things, I hear some pretty rude things (but only vaguely, because I'm half paying attention, half wondering if I was in the middle of an episode of Law & Order: SVU the last time I closed Netflix). The PH girl says to the woman, "Please don't be disrespectful to me; I haven't done anything." The lady does some more grumbling and when she gets to the door, yells, "Shut up, bitch!" at the girl. While the girl, her coworker, and I watch, flabbergasted, the woman goes out to her car. The manager (I assume) went to the door and called out to the woman that there's no call for such language, especially to a polite high school girl who is working hard, etc.

The PH employees and I discussed the woman for a few minutes while we waited for my food to finish up (like I said, I was early) and I left them a big tip (I assumed that the previous customer had left no tip at all). I joked with the girl and tried to cheer her up because she really hadn't done anything at all. The lady must either act that way all the time (which must be just exhausting, really) or was having a bad day, but in either case, you don't act that way toward someone who has done you no wrong.

The whole point of sharing this (very weird, I think) story is to say this: be nice to people. Seriously, if your life is so messed up that you need to yell and swear at the high schooler selling pizza at 10pm on a Monday night, you really need to fix some things.

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