Saturday, October 27, 2012

VLA Conference & CNU Updates

I went to my first professional conference yesterday! It was the VLA (Virginia Library Association) conference, held in Williamsburg.

I went to four information sessions (one on Find It Virginia, one on Pinterest, one on Encyclopedia Virginia, and one on copyright law and fair use) plus the closing meeting which included the keynote speaker's address (Hillary Jordan was funny and well-spoken and I love her), and I visited vendors' exhibits, which is fun because I collected some swag. (Two books, a pen, a lanyard, a bag - other than the one you get for registering - some bookmarks and informational packets and handouts, and I got a USB drive from the Encyclopedia Virginia presentation.)

I brought Birk along with me, thinking we could go to Colonial Williamsburg or something like that afterward. Instead, we went to CNU and had dinner at Schooners, and walked around campus to see all the new construction.

The new Wingfield

More of the new Wingfield. That's the Admin building on the right.
What a beautiful campus. If only we were all a few years younger,
we could be going to school here instead of the old version.

Obligatory photo of the TribLib

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was fun, it was informative, and it's something you're supposed to do as a professional librarian. They're having it in Williamsburg again next year, so I am probably going again then!

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