Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I finally (finally) returned Hanna to Netflix without watching it. (I guess we just weren't in the mood for it. For a month.) And I got Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in return, because I didn't check my queue and change it. So I figured we ought to at least watch this one before I send it back.

That movie... is incredible. I mean, the plot is really basic and the characters are predictable and bland, but... Well. It was made in 1988 (that's the year Birk was born). The animation is incredible. Incredible!!! The only time it bothered me was when Eddie goes into ToonTown and his lighting is way off. Actually, when Judge Doom sprouts springs out of his feet to jump across the Acme warehouse, that looked pretty bad, too. But those were literally the only two instances of bad animation-meets-live-action in the entire film. Also, the animation in the very beginning? Amazing!

I told Birk it was like Finding Nemo. See, the animators got a huge lesson in actual aquatic biology before they started on Finding Nemo, and they showed off absolutely everything they learned. Whoever worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? got a lesson in drawing perspective, and they had to show off all their skills.

So I don't think I could watch it over and over, like some great movies, but it was worth watching once to see all the fantastic feats of animation.

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