Monday, October 15, 2012

Yum, Indian Food

There's a new-ish restaurant on Lynnhaven Parkway called the Bay Leaf Bistro. Birk and I got around to trying it out last night, and it was DELICIOUS. It's Indian and Asian food, but mostly Indian. I don't eat Indian much because it has a reputation for being spicy, and I don't really do spicy, but this was sooo good.

Their naan is delicious (which isn't saying too much because I always think naan is delicious) and I had a vegetarian thing that had potatoes and vegetables in a red sauce that was pretty good. Birk had some kind of lamb thing that I thought was too spicy but was otherwise good. Plus we got some vegetable egg rolls (yum) and some fried shrimp appetizer. We both ate too much but it was great.

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