Monday, December 3, 2012


I was just going through my Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) contents and cleaning some things up. I haven't used Drive in a while and wanted to make it neat and tidy so I could go back to using it.

I found a document titled "50 in 2012" which was supposed to be fifty things I wanted to do this year. I only got around to writing 26 of them, apparently, and I haven't viewed it in many months. As it turns out, I managed to do eight of them. (Some weren't really fair, like "vote" because I was going to do that anyway.)

I won't tell you what all of them are, but some of my favorites were "go to a midnight movie release" and "get new glasses" and "complete a Craftster swap." That last one seems surreal because I've been doing tons of them this year. I was disappointed to find that I left off "complete NaNoWriMo" because I could have marked that one off!

So I'm going to write another list and look at it for a little while, but eventually forget about it, and in December 2013, I'll find it again and see how I did!


  1. I WENT TO A MIDNIGHT SHOWING TOO!!!! Because we're awesome.

    1. That's one that I will have done TWICE by the end of the year, because I already have my tickets for The Hobbit <3