Monday, December 10, 2012

Sore Muscles, A Birthday, and an Arrival

Moving furniture to a third-floor apartment is a lot of work. And I haven't even done most of the work. Birk has. And my dad helped a lot last night. And Birk's dad is going to be helping. But I've still done a fair chunk of it, and I am sore.

Pictured: The main content of all my
upcoming nightmares
But most of the big stuff is moved in (hooray!) minus the bed and my desk, so the bulk of the remaining work will be carrying up boxes* and unpacking, which I rather enjoy. (Finding new places for all your things can be fun if you let it be.)

On an entirely different note, it's my grandfather's birthday! Yay! We're going to Bonefish Grill for dinner tonight, which is awesome, because they make an incredible chicken marsala. Doesn't just saying the phrase "chicken marsala" make your mouth water? Mmm.

Chicken marsala: demonstrating that, with enough wine,
anything can be delicious (even mushrooms)
Also, my aunt is flying in at 4:30! She lives in Texas, so we pretty much only see her for the holidays. (My uncle is too busy to come this early, but he'll be coming later, in time for Christmas.)

*Including tons of those big plastic bins, which have little to nothing in the way of handles you can use without your fingers going entirely numb. Seriously, they're easier to carry by putting your hands UNDER them, which defeats the purpose of having "handles" in the first place. Also, don't ever fill one of those things with books and expect to be able to do anything other than slide it across the room. Books are heavy, y'all.

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