Saturday, January 5, 2013


I don't mean to alarm anyone... but I think I suddenly live in a movie.

See, yesterday, I got a "fancy" haircut. Normally a haircut for me involves going to the nearest Supercuts and paying $15 for my hair to be shorter than it was when I walked in the door. But I was convinced - thanks, Lori! - to get a hairstyle. Something that requires daily maintenance. Products. A freaking hair dryer.

So I went to Gary Allen (and I mention them by name only because they were really wonderful and I'm thoroughly pleased with everything about them) and paid four times what I normally do for hair-related services, and got a fantastic haircut. Don't believe me? Check this out:

(Forgive the color, that's a cell phone photo.) For anyone who doesn't know me... that haircut is a big deal. I've never had such straight hair in my LIFE. This is really exciting. Then again, it took smoothing oil, blow drying, and flat ironing to accomplish this.

But back to why I suddenly live in a movie... I woke up this morning, and my hair looked exactly like this. (Okay, not exactly. The one difference was that the side part had shifted a little toward center, because I've always had a middle part and it wanted to return to normal.) You know you how see a female character get out of bed in a movie and you're like, "Nobody's hair ever looks that good when they first get out of bed." Yeah, it's true. So I must be in a movie today.

Unfortunately, I'm sick, so I don't think this movie will be very interesting...

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