Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paris: Day 2 (Bastille Day!)

Today was Bastille Day! Lots of things had weird hours, so we made plans that didn't rely on those. First, we had lunch at the end of the street at Zebre au Montmartre where we were immediately pegged as Americans and our waiter spoke to us in English. Then we wandered some nearby streets for fun, and found lots of interesting graffitti (photos another time). Then, we went to the Montmartre Cemetery, which is enormous and packed to the gills with graves. After that we sat for a while, got hungry and went out for gallettes for dinner when everything was starting to close early. Then we walked through a busy (but relatively not) Place du Tertre to get to Sacre Coeur, where we were entertained by watching the large crowd and a street performer doing soccer tricks as we waited for it to get dark enough for fireworks (which didn't happen until 11pm!)

Anyway, I'd love to show you photos of all this, but whatever I did last night to convince the Mac to play nice isn't cutting it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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