Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Vacation: Iceland, Day 8

Iceland, Day 8

(To clarify, that means day 8 of the vacation, not day 8 of Iceland. We only spent two days in Iceland. You didn't miss something.)

So we got up in Paris, packed up, hopped on the shuttle van, got to Charles de Gaulle, and boarded a plane to Keflavik, Iceland. There wasn't much to photograph until we saw our apartment, so here's that.

It was impossible to describe via photo, but I'll try with words. If you walk in the front door and turn left, you work your way clockwise through the living room, bathroom, kitchen (back of the apartment), bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and you're back at the front door again. You can only move around this apartment in a circle. Halls do not exist. It was weird and unusual and very expensive because this is Reykjavik so of course it is.

On our way to dinner, we saw this! Spelled the same and everything!
I don't know what this building is, but I prefer to keep it a mystery.
We went to dinner at a seafood place called the Sea Baron, which was in a credit card commercial a while back, and the old man who owns it (and was in the commercial) is really milking that for all it's worth. He handed out postcard photos of himself from the commercial (signed on the back!) and was clearly very proud of it.

We had an assortment of foods, including their famous lobster soup (which, for someone who doesn't eat soups and isn't a big fan of lobster, was quite good) and char (a fish similar to salmon) and scallops (which I tried for the first time... not a fan, but they aren't terrible, I guess) and... WHALE. It was minke whale, and it tasted like very iron-rich steak, and it was done medium-rare, and it was delicious.

It looks like steak! Partially because of the color, partially because
of the texture, and partially because it's on Birk's plate.

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