Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Vacation: Iceland, Day 9

Iceland, Day 9

(Again, that's day 9 of the trip, which is day 2 of Iceland.)

We spent the whole day wandering around Reykjavik, which is such a neat city. It's a perfect halfway point between Paris and home, I think. Everyone speaks English (but among themselves, they spoke Icelandic), stores let you use their bathrooms whether you buy anything or not, all the housing we saw was apartments... etc.

Yup, that's an internet meme in a sushi ad in Iceland.

If I'm not mistaken, that's the Arctic Ocean.

Still think that's the Arctic Ocean.

And that is a Lebowski Bar.

Street art is awesome in Reykjavik! (To be fair, it's also awesome in Paris.)

We were taking pictures of each other and a woman sitting in a car
in the parking lot of a fast food place called out the window to us,
asking if we were tourists and if we wanted her to take our photo together.
It was very sweet of her, and she took about a dozen for us to choose from.

Viking boat statue

The road is blocked to cars in several spots with these neon bike gates.
Also up and down this street were neon-painted benches and picnic tables.
We went to dinner at a place called Snaps (where I had the catch of the day, which was salmon, and delicious, with mashed cauliflower which was more delicious than cauliflower has any right to be, and a cabbage-and-beet slaw type of salad, which was a lot like the one you can get at Busch Gardens in the Festhaus... and therefore delicious).

Birk made me stay up til midnight so we could get this photo of the midnight sun:

The color is almost exactly right; that's what the sky looks like at
midnight in Reykjavik in July (8pm at home... I love that my phone
wanted to make sure I knew what time it was at home while I was roaming).
And thus ended our last night abroad... One day to go!

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  1. I'm so happy you had so much fun! These pictures are amazing.

    I am sure now you have the travel bug, and there will be SOOOOO many more times where you will be able to eat puffin and whatever other adorable (yet delicious) creatures in the future!