Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Vacation: Paris, Day 5

Paris, Day 5

Okay, buckle up; we got a LOT done on this day.

First, we went to the Musee de Rodin, which was one of my top three "must-see" things on the trip, because I love Rodin's sculptures.

Birk isn't unhappy to be here; he's imitation the guy just over his shoulder.

One of my favorites (took forever to get a photo without people all up in it)

There were lots of varieties of pretty roses

I argue with a statue about his public nudity

"Sir, I really must insist..."

Birk turned into an art student for a second and took this awesome photo of Le Penseur

M. le Penseur... qui pensant

Birk with what I can only guess is the Gate to Hell

...and a tiny baby on the side of it

I couldn't take photos of The Kiss, unfortunately (it's inside, with signs about photography, and how you can't do it, and it's guarded...) So, having had our fill of sculpture, we moved on past Les Invalides.

It's a veteran's hospital that was built because Louis XIV wanted to
take care of them, but out of the public eye (because wounded vets
sort of contradict the appealing view of war he was trying to use
for recruiting). Napoleon is buried here.

Moving on from there, we found the Eiffel Tower.

So that's what it looks like.

And then Birk picked it up with his mighty grip

From there, we walked over to the Seine, crossed a bridge (I never was entirely sure which one... the next one closest to the Eiffel Tower from Pont l'Alma, I guess) and went to see the Flame of Liberty. It's a replica of the flame held by the Statue of Liberty in New York, installed as a symbol of the good nature between our two countries.

It happens to be right over top of the tunnel where Princess Diana died, so there's a lot of graffiti in her name.

When we got back to the apartment, we decided to get sushi from the place across the street (Sushi Shop) for dinner, to see what French sushi is like. (Spoiler: It's just as good as home, with their own unusual "weird" rolls, like the Fried Chicken and the Caesar.) They do delivery, but since they were right across the street, we walked over and picked it up.

Fun language story: At the bottom of the online order form, it tells you the things you can have for free (ginger, wasabi, etc) and asks how many you want of each. One of the things was "pairs of baguettes." This being France, I figured it's just because they put bread with every meal, regardless, and I couldn't understand why they'd be in pairs. So I added a pair to the cart just to see what they were like. Hey, they were free! Well, we get our food, and take it back, and discover that we only have one pair of chopsticks... Yeah, that's what they meant. Anything long and skinny is called a "baguette" there.

Pictured: baguettes. (Also, the cutest little soy sauce bottle I've ever seen.)
Later that night, we decided to check out the Musee de l'Erotisme. Yes, that's the Museum of Eroticism, appropriately placed on the street (Boulevard de Clichy) full of sex shops and strip clubs. It was very interesting... the first couple floors were artifacts and ancient art and things like that. Then there were three floors above that, each dedicated to a different artist (one photographer, one who does pencil drawings, and one - not my favorite - who did what I can only describe as crude humor in lots of different mediums). (Fair warning: the next two photos are MILDLY inappropriate. MILDLY.)

If you can't figure out why Birk's doing that, look at the small statue to the left of him.
(Your left, not his.)

There were a couple of collections of these sculptures on the walls of the first couple floors.
Caption: Phallus jardinier, arrosant sa plantation de trous de culs. Too cute.
And that is finally the end of Day 5! We got a lot done that day. Stay tuned... Day 6 was also pretty busy!

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