Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Vacation: Paris, Day 7

Paris, Day 7

Day 7 was our last day in Paris. We took it easy, sleeping in and wandering around Montmartre again.

We found this shop called Alexine... it was closed,
with a notice on the door that said something about
non-payment of some kind of bill or tax or something.

That evening, the entire family went to a cooking class. First we went to the various markets (fromagerie, boulangerie, poissonnerie...) to collect our fresh ingredients.

We took our ingredients back and started cooking!

We made a salad with haricots verts, artichoke, a yummy dressing with shallots, etc... poached then pan-fried skate with wilted spinach, Grenoblaise style... cheese plate (below)... and dessert was minced mango with ginger, sauteed pineapple with vanilla and rum, whipped cream, and crispy coconut wafer cookies. Yum!

That bright orange cheese is actually illegal in the USA, because
the thick rind is aerated by mites who tunnel through it.
After the class, we met up with Dana, who was in Paris for the weekend to see family.

And then we took our last photo in Paris:

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