Friday, October 11, 2013

Post-mortem Facebook

The other day, I saw that a Facebook friend had said "RIP [name]" in a status update. Since the name was linked and looked vaguely familiar, I clicked through to see if I knew the guy. I didn't, but that's not the point. I scrolled through pages of comments on this guy's wall from his many bereaved friends and family members, expressing surprise, saying they had just seen him however many days ago, and he was so young (approximately my age), and sadness at his passing, and condolences for the others commenting there. I kept scrolling because I was still unsure whether I knew him, and I thought maybe one of the comments might mention something about school, or an extracurricular activity I might have known him from. They didn't, but eventually I got past all the RIP comments and I found the last post he made himself. It was... unflattering.

It wasn't anything horribly shocking or terrible. I didn't know the guy, like I said, so maybe he wanted everyone's lasting memory of him to be that he was the guy who liked beer and chicks and probably some swearing. That's absolutely fine with me; none of my business. But it did make me think...

Be careful what you say on Facebook. You never know which post will be your last.

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