Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Video of Gimli

It's just not the internet if I'm not showing you videos of my cat being cute/funny, right? Here's Gimli after the DVD ended and I left the player idle for too long:

It's not the best demonstration of how funny this was, but I missed all the times he put his paws up to get closer, and when he climbed up on the piano I had to shoo him down because he's not allowed up there. It's still kinda funny, though.

He also watches us play Hearthstone on the computer, and sometimes - when he's really bored - moving the cursor across the desktop can hold his interest. He's actually watching me type right now. But this time, I'm not sure if he's looking because that's where I'm looking, or if he's looking because he sees the letters appearing. Maybe it's about 50/50.

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