Friday, January 3, 2014


File this under "epiphanies my parents knew I would eventually have one day."

It's amazing how having a clean and reorganized kitchen and lots of new kitchen "toys" will make you want to cook/bake ALL THE THINGS.

We got a bunch of great new stuff (mostly from our wedding registry, which is so awesome... it's like three-month-early wedding gifts!) for the kitchen for Christmas. So, to give our new gifts the home they deserved, I spent a large portion of last night cleaning and reorganizing the cabinets in the kitchen. (I'm really excited to throw away my horrible old cookie sheets. You don't even know.)

And I was just planning dinner for tonight and the groceries I want for this weekend, and I realized... I want to use everything we got for the kitchen for Christmas this weekend. I don't mean I have to use each of the three cookie sheets, or every single new spice... but I want to use a cookie sheet and an airbake sheet and the cooling racks and a few new spices (at least one, anyway) and the garlic press and the cheese grater. And I'm going to make healthy things with them! At least, healthy relative to what we normally eat.

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