Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Photos: Days 48-56

(I skipped Day 48. Oops.)

Day 49, Tuesday, February 18: Green books display for St. Patrick's Day
Day 50, Wednesday, February 19: One of the last few honey pastilles I still
have from last year's trip to Paris. Sore throat bad. Honey pastilles good.
Day 51, Thursday, 2/20: We went to the courthouse to get our marriage license!
I took a photo of Little Visitor Georgie outside.
Then I skipped a few days because I was sick.

Day 55, Monday, 2/24: Tylenol Cold on my desk at work, without which I would not have been at work.

Day 56, Tuesday, 2/25: "Oh yeah, I need to take a photo today. That'll do."
Crocheted ampersand from a craft swap, in its spot over my office window blinds.

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