Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Photos: Days 57-67

You guessed it... I skipped a few again. Days 57-59, and 62, to be specific. But there's some big stuff in this group...

Day 60, March 1: I like this one of Beth & Chris at my bachelorette party.
Day 61, Mar 2: Bridal shower games! Lori guesses "both Alexes."

Day 63, Mar 4: Remember how earlier this year I had never seen a snowplow?
Well, on my way to work, I drove behind two of them. Pretty cool. And SLOW.
(This one refuses to go centered, so fine, it'll stay here.)
Day 64, Mar 5: I actually found this on my desk when I got to work the previous afternoon, but I didn't open it because I wanted to know who it was from first. It was the shawl Elizabeth made for me! (You'll see photos of the actual shawl in the wedding photos.)

Day 65, Mar 6: My SoBe LifeWater cap thinks I'm cool...

Day 66, Mar 7: Gimli loves his new toy, made by Lori!

Day 67, Mar 8: Anniversary dinner at the Melting Pot, and they unwittingly
gave us forks to match our respective colors in the wedding!

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