Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

I don't like sharing New Year's resolutions publicly. Part of it is that I think they should be things that are important to me personally and sometimes that means things that I don't necessarily feel the world needs to know about, but also - let's be real here - partly I just don't want to be held accountable for them. But I'll give it a shot this year.

One: I shall banish the floordrobe.
No more putting clothes - dirty, clean, or otherwise - on the floor. Clothes don't belong on the floor. Clothes belong on a hanger, in a drawer or one of those fabric box thingies we use, or the washer or dryer or laundry basket or on my body (or in the case of pajamas I intend to wear again the following night, left on the bed). No more floordrobe. The floordrobe shall vanish.

Two: I shall read every book we review for Review Me Twice in its entirety, on time, and in time to write a review of it before the appropriate Friday morning.
There were too many weeks in 2014 where I posted late and/or didn't finish the book (either because I got my hands on it too late or because I didn't like it). This will not be the way of 2015.

Three: We will get so much better at saving money.
I'm not going to announce a more specific goal than that, partially because I don't want to tell everyone our financial business and partially because the day-to-day goals will be... let's say "fluid." We'll try different things to see what works and what doesn't.

There are, of course, other things I would like for this year to hold. We plan to move, so that's a pretty big project. I'd like to greatly cut down on our number of possessions by decluttering before moving. I plan to continue to cook more and healthier meals, and take lunch to work more often than I stop at Wawa in the morning for it. I'd like to learn to enjoy tea, to knit and/or crochet, to do something I don't even know exists yet. I intend to finish all Christmas gifts by the beginning of December. I'm planning my first self-made cosplay for the May TWCC, plus one for the new Star Wars movie, my next tattoo, several big and exciting projects for work, and a major cross-stitching project that won't get done this year but I'd like to make significant progress on this year. I've started a photo-a-day attempt again (with daily reminders programmed into my phone to keep me on track). But I don't want to prescribe my 2015. A lot of that stuff will probably fall by the wayside, but in the interest of other, new, interesting and/or important things, and that's fine. I don't intend to be the same person in 365 days that I am now, so I won't have precisely the same goals that I do now.

So happy 2015 to all, and best of luck in your own resolutions!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Crafting 2014

Now that everyone has opened their presents, I can show you the things I made as Christmas gifts this year! (Except one that isn't finished... yes, my dad had to open a "work in progress" gift, but only because I lost the one I finished nearly an entire year ago and had to start over... this week).

Beatles silhouettes for Kevin

Elvis profile and signature for Ralph (Ignore Ipo sitting there, I didn't have a photo without him)

Peeps ornaments for Lori (felt backings to match each Peep)

Pug ornament for Mom (not pictured, pink felt backing and ribbon hanger, added after photo was taken)
Plus Dad's lemons speech from Portal 2, but like I said, I had to redo that one and it's not done. Still... I had fun making presents (like I always do) and other people seemed to have fun receiving them, so that's a good thing.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Weird thing to post about, I know, but I'm loving Warlords of Draenor (the new expansion for World of Warcraft) and here's a huge reason:

Yeah I totally met a Naaru. Love it. Love everything about it. Love the Naaru.

And yes, I only posted this so I could Pin this image to Pinterest for other stuff.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tidewater Comicon

You know what's amazing? Cosplaying.

You know what else is amazing? Tidewater Comicon.

You know what's the most amazing? WINNING first-place group cosplay at Tidewater Comicon!

Wanna know how I know? WE DID!

I'm ever so proud of Beth and Chris for making our incredible Game of Thrones outfits and rocking them. So there's a photo of us with the other winners.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday from... Google?

I didn't know Google did this for birthdays! If you're logged in, this is the Google logo you get. I felt special. Thanks, Google!

Gimli Gif

Sorry, this isn't a gif of my cat or the dwarf we named him after... it's a gif that our cat is completely entranced by. He's watching it for about the 30th time as I type this sentence. It's Jell-O, bouncing at 6200 fps, found on Reddit.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! For the unaware and for posterity, this is what I'm talking about: someone who does the challenge nominates you (and a couple other people). Then, you have the choice to either donate $10 to ALS (amyotropic lateral sclerosis) research and dump a bucket of ice water over your head, or donate more (I've heard varying rules, from $25 to $100 or more).

Jake nominated Birk, but since we have the same name, I decided to do it as well (as if we didn't know which Alex Birk he was talking about). But only Birk nominated people. The video is below:


Yeah, it's kind of chilly out tonight for an August evening... That was really cold.

Anyway, I'm about to go to to make our donations, but I wanted to post the video here first.

On a side note, I wanted to mention that I've never been given a reason to donate to ALS research before. I donate to cancer research because I know/knew people with cancer. I donate to AIDS research because I know someone who works with AIDS research. I've never been asked to donate to ALS research before. Now I have (albeit indirectly by piggy-backing on Birk's nomination) and so I am. EVMS recently did their challenge and the doctor who spoke at the beginning of the video made an excellent point... ALS research won't just benefit finding a cure or treatment for ALS... it will help with other conditions like Huntington's. It could help with something entirely unrelated, too... you know how sometimes scientists are looking for one thing and they wind up stumbling across a totally different thing? Who knows when/where that might happen? So yes, I dumped ice water on my head and posted a video of it online, but more importantly, I'm donating to an important cause that I recognize as important without having any emotional ties to it, and asking others to do the same.