Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Photos: Mid and Late April

I've continued my trend of forgetting to take a photo every day. But here's what I've managed to do...

April 14: New staff entrance sign at the JUL

Sunday, April 20 (Easter): Flames coming out of the kiln.

Tuesday, April 22: Butter chicken, yum!

Thursday, April 24: The cool thing about the location of the Norfolk campus library
is that, sometimes, the bands playing at the Norva have to use Market St to park their
vans and buses and trailers. This is Psych Ward Druggies' group of vehicles (or part of them)
out the window of the office I use when I'm working from Norfolk.

Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Photos: End of March, Beginning of April

Without my cheat sheet, I've lost track of what day of the year each of these is, but I feel like dates are sufficient... Also, I'm still being a slacker. I honestly thought I'd get better at this after the wedding.
Sunday, March 16: Self-explanatory, no?

Wednesday, March 19: Back to work... I love my coworkers.

Thursday, March 20: My mushrooms are drunk on red wine.

Wednesday, April 2: Let's get this Camp NaNoWriMo started!

Saturday, April 5: Continuing Camp NaNoWriMo, but on the porch on a gorgeous day.

Friday, April 11: Near the middle of this photo is what remains of the
paper lantern Birk and I released on the ridiculously windy night
before the wedding. I took this from his parents' dock this morning.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Too Much Time on Their Hands

Despite being a great song by Styx, this is yet another of my linguistic pet peeves. It's not grammatically incorrect, or mispronounced, or anything like that, though. It's just kind of mean.

That is a zentangle. It's a specific type of black-and-white doodle that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. I'm a big fan of them, personally. I've heard a lot of responses to seeing a zentangle for the first time: that's impressive, how pretty, what a mess, I don't get it... but the worst one is "someone has too much time on their hands." Really? Do you say that when you see this:

Because I'm fairly certain that "Starry Night" took longer to create than an ink pen doodle on printer paper. (I don't know for certain; I wasn't there.) But they're both created for the same purpose... art. If you think all art is a waste of time, well, I'm probably not your friend. But at least you're giving them equal billing. But you shouldn't assume that one is a waste of time while the other is genius-quality artwork.

This goes for anything intricate, complex, or otherwise time-consuming. If someone spent enough time to create something that amazing, it's not a case of "too much time" with nothing "important" to do... it's something they've made time for because they wanted to. As someone (or many someones) said, time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted. I might think climbing Mt. Everest is a waste of time, personally, but the person who does that probably thinks all the YA fiction I read is a waste of time, or my cross-stitching, or blogging, or watching movies and TV I can quote in their entirety from memory.

So can we please, as the entire group of anglophones, stop using this phrase? It's rude, it's demeaning, and I don't much care for it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014

I know a lot of people think it's a cop-out, but I'm going to do all haiku this year (unless I get inspired to do something more complex). I like haiku. I think they're fun to write, fun to read, and encourage succinctness, which I am all about. (Have I mentioned that our wedding ceremony took five minutes?) Anyway, enjoy my haiku.

Tuesday 4/1: In honor of my least favorite holiday.
Shout, "Poisson d'avril!"
And all transgressions and sins
Will be forgiven.

Wednesday 4/2: In honor of "42" day and Birk's/my engagement anniversary.
Never leave home without;
Clean; defend; ask for favors;
Towel is man's best friend.

Thursday 4/3: I wrote it; I just forgot to post it. #onedaylate
Weather is changing.
Complaining about the cold
Turns to about hot.

Friday 4/4: A woman at the refdesk today literally asked me to write her absent son's thesis for him. For the record, my real opinion isn't as harsh as my haiku, but...
Students are students.
If they can't hack the workload,
Allow them to fail.

Saturday 4/5: Bonus round: I'm writing one in French, because why the hell not? (Approximate translation: A world-wide language; it would be simpler, but... No. It's not better.)
Une langue mondiale;
Il serait plus simple, mais...
Non. C'est pas meilleur.

Sunday 4/6: What a lazy day I had. This one's about how the cat had one, too.
Couch, bed, on the floor,
A lap, the desk, the windowsill.
If I fits, I sits.

Monday, 4/7: What I'm doing isn't exactly procrastination, because I only found out about the proposal deadline on Friday... but I am working on something last-minute.
Planning comes first, but then the...
I'll do it later.

Tuesday, 4/8: Woke up with an absurd headache this morning because of the local storm systems.
Searing pain: headache.
Damn these major storm systems.
I, barometer.

Wednesday, 4/9: Our interim director relaxed the food and drink policy for the building, so I can have my Coke with me in the classroom while I teach (at 8am this morning) and at the reference desk (9-11 this morning). I am more than a little appreciative.
Food/drink policy:
Thank you for being relaxed.
I have caffeine now.

Thursday, 4/10: Saw my "Don't Panic" patch on my desk; thought about situations in which one might be told that, and why they might think that's not so helpful.
Don't panic, they say.
Chicken Little, they call me.
But there's the aster-

Friday, 4/11: Not based on a true story. I retrieved it. After thinking about how much I didn't want to crawl under the desk. But then I pretended I was a hibernating bear for a second, and that was kind of fun.
Peanut M&M,
You may just be there forever.
Hiding under the desk.

Saturday, 4/12: Why yes, this is a haiku about a card in Hearthstone. (Scarlet Crusader.) What of it?
Yell, "For the crusade!"
Attack consequence-less-ly:
You have Divine Shield.

Sunday, 4/13: Yesterday, we played with our wedding bow from Chris. I missed the target a few times. (I got better...)
Pull string; release; thwap!
The arrow penetrated...
the target? No: ground.

Monday, 4/14: Whoops, posting this one a day late.
Board the bandwagon!
Join the masses and rejoice!
I watched Game of Thrones.

Tuesday, 4/15: Just sitting here waiting for the wind to knock out the power.
With a great whooshing,
The great storm teaches us
To live sans power.

Wednesday, 4/16: Well, we survived the storm last night. Today, it's freezing. I find this unacceptable.
Scarves, gloves, coats again.
I thought we were done with this.
Winter: please leave us.

Thursday, 4/17: Don't write haiku when you're just... done.
Is today over?
No: It's only nine-oh-four.
Oh. What about now?

Friday, 4/18: Ready for a meta-haiku?
is a word with precisely
five syllables. Wow!

Saturday, 4/19: Self-explanatory, I think. And the answer is no, they don't.
Camp NaNoWriMo:
I haven't written enough.
Do my haiku count?

Sunday, 4/20: We went over to Birk's parents' house for a 'potluck' dinner of sorts. It was delicious.
Sausage, vegetables,
Raviolis, and salads.
Potluck dinner. Yum!

Monday, 4/21: Double haiku day... I finished the last DVD of the last season of Game of Thrones last night (around 2:30am). As you can see, I am... frustrated.
Now I'm all caught up.
And I have to wait a week
for another one.

This is exactly
why I didn't watch in the
first place: the waiting.

Tuesday, 4/22: I'm doing design work again! Which means I have two jobs again, but at least this time, one of them gets done from home. Feels good.
"Back in the saddle"
I'm not a cowboy... but I'm
back to designing.

Wednesday, 4/23: I'm resigned to the fact that I won't be winning Camp NaNoWriMo this month. There's always July!
Won't finish novel.
Will pay bills, make cash, do swap,
Cook, clean, sleep, eat, more.

Thursday, 4/24: Channeling Doge to explain to you my commute this morning.
Wow 264.
Much traffic. I can't even.
So terrible times.

Friday, 4/25: Storms 'n' such.
Kaboom! Storm bellows.
Tornadoes touch down elsewhere.
Glad to have this roof.

Saturday, 4/26: Crafting crafting crafting crafting... I'm cross-stitching the Beatles right now.
Poke, pull, half stitch done.
A few thousand more of those
And there's the Beatles.

Sunday, 4/27: Self-explanatory, I think.
Not enough weekend.
Need more time to do nothing
Between the projects.

Monday, 4/28: Very self-explanatory. Less poetry, more condensed blog post.
Cleaned the apartment
yesterday. Reward myself
with Duck Donuts now.

Tuesday, 4/29: Poetic weather report.
Rain, rain, go away.
At least it isn't more snow.
Sixty degrees: yay!

Wednesday, 4/30: It has been fun!
And we're finished.
NaPoWriMo will return
in eleven months.