Friday, July 8, 2016

Pokemon Go Diaries

A lot of people are noticing that Pokemon Go really is getting them to walk more, go outside more, and explore parts of their neighborhoods that they never knew existed.

Seeing that a Staryu was nearby propelled me off the couch and out the door, even though I believed it to be pouring rain at the time. (In fact, the rain stopped just in time for me to dash out in search of beloved Pokemon.) It turned out that my game had just frozen for a while, and in fact, the Staryu was hours past. But I still caught four Pokemon, hit up my apartment complex's Pokestop twice, and saw:

- fire trucks clear at the other end of the complex, but I don't know why
- a guy on his phone walking around but I don't think he was playing Pokemon Go
- I visited Missi's place because there were leaves rustling out front but her lights were off so I didn't go bother her
- a sidewalk I didn't know existed on the other side of the complex (not that I think it'll come in handy, but hey, it's new and different)

Not the most exciting walk I've ever been on, but I caught a Paras and added 1.1km to incubating my first egg, all while getting more exercise than I've gotten any night this year!

Thank you, Pokemon Go!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Resolution 2016: Reading

As one of my New Year's resolutions, I'm going to read one book from every shelf of the college's circulating collection at my library. That's 70 books, most of which will be non-fiction. I don't read much non-fiction, and this seemed like a pretty good way to explore some.

[1] Forty studies that changed psychology
[2] From axons to identity
[3] The believing brain
[4] Bhagavad Gita
[5] Alexander the Great and the mystery of the elephant medallions
[6] Kilroy was here
[7] Pity for the Guy
[8] The night of broken glass
[9] Vietnam War nurses
[10] Becoming two-spirit
[11] Angela's ashes
[12] Thomas Jefferson's creme brulee
[13] The audacity of hope
[14] Eight women, two model Ts, and the American west
[15] Sea monsters on medieval and Renaissance maps
[16] SEAL survival guide
[17] Croquet and its influence on Victorian society
[18] Brand failures
[19] Super Mario
[20] Signs, streets, and storefronts
[21] Bi
[22] My little red book
[23] On women turning 30
[24] Washed away
[25] There is a gunman on campus
[26] The thirteenth turn
[27] Homer Simpson ponders politics
[28] Is eating people wrong?
[29] Libraries, the First Amendment, and cyberspace
[30] The Montessori method

Back-up options:
[1] Pensees
[2] IQ: a smart history of a failed idea
[3] Haunted Virginia Beach
[4] The autobiography of Malcolm X
[5] Ten Popes who shook the world
[6] Dear Miss Breed
[7] Destined to witness
[8] The history of Iceland
[9] A geek in Japan
[10] Failures of the presidents
[11] Catfish and mandala
[12] Weevils in the wheat
[13] Flapper
[14] The Chesapeake book of the dead
[15] Moby-duck
[16] A brief history of nakedness
[17] Taking sudoku seriously
[18] Killer UX design
[19] (rescinded choice because it's not at our campus; replacement coming soon)
[20] Soap, sex, and cigarettes
[21] Condom nation
[22] Poking, pinching, and pretending
[23] Camgirls
[24] Talking with your hands, listening with your eyes
[25] Kitty Genovese
[26] History of the Virginia Beach Police Department
[27] Robert's rules for dummies
[28] Math on trial
[29] At liberty to die
[30] The gift of dyslexia