Friday, July 8, 2016

Pokemon Go Diaries

A lot of people are noticing that Pokemon Go really is getting them to walk more, go outside more, and explore parts of their neighborhoods that they never knew existed.

Seeing that a Staryu was nearby propelled me off the couch and out the door, even though I believed it to be pouring rain at the time. (In fact, the rain stopped just in time for me to dash out in search of beloved Pokemon.) It turned out that my game had just frozen for a while, and in fact, the Staryu was hours past. But I still caught four Pokemon, hit up my apartment complex's Pokestop twice, and saw:

- fire trucks clear at the other end of the complex, but I don't know why
- a guy on his phone walking around but I don't think he was playing Pokemon Go
- I visited Missi's place because there were leaves rustling out front but her lights were off so I didn't go bother her
- a sidewalk I didn't know existed on the other side of the complex (not that I think it'll come in handy, but hey, it's new and different)

Not the most exciting walk I've ever been on, but I caught a Paras and added 1.1km to incubating my first egg, all while getting more exercise than I've gotten any night this year!

Thank you, Pokemon Go!